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Life can be crazy and full of surprises. This is my blog about taking it one day at a time and earning your stripes.

I’m totally obsessed. 

Thank God for GAME OF THRONES!

Thank God for GAME OF THRONES!

Soooooo I’m really embarrassed to have one of my posts be this video.    First of all- I really don’t like Miley Cyrus, Second- I’m not even really sure I like this song.    Despite that, I can’t stop listening to it today.    I recently took a trip to California and this song was playing on the radio right as I drove into the city. All of a sudden it has great connotations!    Today is a shitty day, and that day was amazing. Therefor; I’m diggin this song right now. 

Party in the U.S.A. 

Oh- And I don’t really care too much about capitals in the middle of sentences.